Hi listeners – Want to play along as we record and prepare our episodes? Then put on those thinking caps and stir up those creative juices ‘cuz we’ve got several ways you can help to contribute:

Comics.Community Audience Participation

Episode “Locations”

Ever notice how each episode of our show comes to you from a different “location?” From “Secret Underground Bunkers” to “Fortified Moon Bases” – we really get around! We usually word our location something like this:

“We’d like to thank (Your Name Here) – one of our favorite listeners – for providing us with this ________________ in/on which to record this week’s episode.”

Your mission? Send us a message with your creative suggestions for episode locations!

Episode “Topics”

We like to reserve a portion of each episode to our “Topic of the Week” – where our pannelists come to the table ready to discuss a more-specific comics-related topic, scenario, or question.

Your mission? Send us a message with your suggestions for topics you’d like to hear us cover!

Your “Comic Book Origin”

We love hearing how folks discovered the joy of comics and we want to share your story! Send us the story of how you discovered that first comic book – the one that made you want more – and how you went about exploring and learning more about the hobby, and we just might share it with our listeners on an upcoming episode!

Something Else?

We value any comments and suggestions you may have about our show. Visit our Contact page (or email us directly at thecrew@comics.community).

If your ideas make it on the show we’ll be sure to credit you (with your First Name and last initial, or whatever “handle” you list), and your idea will be forever recorded in the annals of Comics.Community history!