Episode 76 of the Comics.Community Podcast features panelists Alec, Mitch, Travis, and Phil your host as they discuss Free Comic Book Day 2017. Show notes after the fold:

In This Episode of the Comics.Community Podcast…

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0:00:01 Introductions

This episode, panelists Alec, Mitch, and Travis join Phil your host to discuss:

0:03:30 Recent Comic News

Items in comic book and pop culture news that recently caught our attention include…
– New Mutants casting news
– Ask your retailer about Marvel’s 3-week TP/HC sale
– Image announces its June Variants
– Scott Snyder done with monthly Batman stories?
– Deadpool comes to FX
– SyFy Network gets a reboot this June 19, 2017.

0:15:50 Special Announcement: Comics.Community Rebooting as Read A Comic

The Comics.Community Crew announce that the episode before their Summer break – Episode #80 – will be their last as the Comics.Community Podcast. Look for the Crew to return at readacomic.com with brand new episodes of the Read A Comic Podcast resuming Fall 2017. Listen to forthcoming episodes, and watch the Comics.Community site and social media for details.

0:18:30 Free Comic Book Day 2017 Comics Worth Reading

This episode, out panelists talk favorites from Free Comic Book Day 2017:

Secret Empire FCBD 2017SECRET EMPIRE (Marvel Comics) The Marvel Universe is under siege from the greatest threat it has ever known and everything has been leading to this! United against a common foe, the Avengers, the X-Men, the Defenders, the Champions, the Inhumans, Spider-Man, and more must hold together as an unwavering front! Yet even their combined might may not be enough to withstand the awesome power of Hydra! Then – after his globetrotting adventures – Spider-Man has returned to his friendly neighborhood in Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man and we get a preview of this back-to-basics and high-flying ongoing series!

I Hate Image FCBD 2017I HATE IMAGE (Image Comics) Gertrude has been stuck in Fairyland for decades when she finally hears of a secret passage that may be her way back home. But reaching it is easier said than done as she crosses the border into Image, where she’ll have to chop her way through you favorite characters from Saga, The Walking Dead, Savage Dragon, Spawn, Descender, Black Science, Southern Bastards, and any other character I can add to make sure the original art for this issue sends my children to college!

Catalyst Prime The Event FCBD 2017CATALYST PRIME: THE EVENT (Lion Forge) A mission to save the world from a rapidly-approaching asteroid changes the lives of five astronauts forever, and begins the rise of superhuman beings on Earth. Catalyst Prime: The Event, written by Christopher J. Priest (Deathstroke, Black Panther) and Joseph Phillip Illidge (Solarman), with art by Marco Turini (Secret Wars: Battleworld) and Jessica Kholinne (Secret Wars: Star-Lord & Kitty Pryde)! This FCBD one-shot launches the much anticipated Catalyst Prime universe and lays the groundwork for what’s to come!

Incal FCBD 2017THE INCAL (Humanoids) In its first ever FCBD offering, Humanoids presents one of the most influential and original comics in sci-fi history: The Incal. A full 30 pages of the seminal work originally published in Métal Hurlant and created by the artists’ artist Mœbius and the avant-garde director, writer, mime and spiritual guru Alejandro Jodorowsky. A perfect introduction to Humanoids, and specifically to the “Jodoverse,” an incredible and continually expanding sci-fi universe, full of love, revenge, intrigue, betrayal, and redemption.

0:29:50 Topic of the Week: Free Comic Book Day 2017

In this episode, our panelists discuss their Free Comic Book Day 2017 experiences.

Jason Welcomes the Guests

Alec Keeps the Peace

Survey Says!

Randy on the Scene

Comics.Community Podcast FCBD 2017

0:50:40 Comics In Our Future

Wondering what new comics to watch for in the next few weeks? Our panelists share what’s topping their pull lists.

0:55:55 Last Minute Fun

If all goes well, we’ll be back for Episode 77 on May 29, 2017. Until then – here’s to good comics!

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