Episode 78 of the Comics Community Podcast features panelists Jason, Mitch, and Randy as they discuss the best in comics and pop culture for the week of June 12, 2017. Show notes after the fold:

In This Episode of the Comics.Community Podcast…

0:00:01 Introductions

This episode, panelists Jason, Mitch, and Randy join Phil your host to discuss:

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0:02:50 Recent Comic News

Items in comic book and pop culture news that recently caught our attention include…

– The CW announces Premiere dates for it’s 2017 Fall season
– X-Men: Dark Phoenix casting news
– Wallace & Gromit’s Peter Asalias passes
– Marvel Blob casting stories

0:09:00 Topic of the Week: Wonder Woman

In this episode, SPOILERS ensue as our panelists discuss the Wonder Woman movie!

0:41:00 Comics In Our Future

Wondering what new comics to watch for in the next few weeks? Our panelists share what’s topping their pull lists.

0:48:50 Last Minute Fun

If all goes well, we’ll be back for Episode 79 on June 26, 2017. Until then – here’s to good comics!

The Crew - Episode 78

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